Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, Community Members and Students;

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Sebastopol Union School District Team, it is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome our students and families to another year poised for success.

As we prepare to welcome our students back I wanted to highlight some of the key areas of focus for the upcoming school year. First is the implementation and transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This coming school year we will begin implementation of the Common Core into our classrooms and with our students. These new content standards provide a practical way to prepare children for the challenges of our constantly changing world, by providing them with the real-world skills they need for success in their future endeavors.

Our district’s broader goal is to prepare our students to thrive in today’s 21st century global economy. As a progressive district that is an integral part of its engaged and diverse community, Sebastopol Union School District graduates all of its students as globally-minded citizens, critical and creative thinkers, skilled collaborators, and fully-engaged learners who achieve academic excellence and are socially and emotionally resilient. We accomplish this with inspired teaching of a rigorous and meaningful curriculum in a dynamic learning environment where we support and challenge every student in partnership with families and community.

How we will accomplish this for our students is clearly laid out in our Strategic Plan. This Plan was developed over months of hard work by staff, board and community members. I strongly encourage each of you to take a look at it here or obtain a copy at any school office.

Sebastopol Union School District will reach for excellence knowing that excellence is a journey, not a destination. We will continue to be firmly grounded in our core values. We are a model district because of our commitment to children, our dedicated staff and our supportive parents and community. Parents, you are your child’s most important teacher; you play a vital part in their learning. I encourage you to remain involved and engaged in your classrooms, school sites, and activities. Together, we will continue to make our district a special place to learn, grow and promote success for all students!

Please feel free to contact us at any time; we look forward to your questions and involvement.

Again, we welcome you to the new school year. THANK YOU for your support of the Sebastopol Union School District and for being a partner in making a positive difference for the children of our community.

-Sara Gramm, Superintendent